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August 31, 2011

Thanks to Catholicdefender2000!

I would like to thank Catholicdefender2000 on visiting my blog frequently, because its pretty obvious^^

I dont know if he want to imitate my works or what, i just noticed this:

And for featuring episodes of INC programs in his blog, not just once but several times:

Thanks for those efforts, im glad that you help us on spreading what's in the INC, thanks for the misunderstandings you write up on your blog because it shows that you have a DUMB thinking.

Its also obvious, let your readers JUDGE YOU!^^

August 13, 2011

INC uses surplus church buildings abroad?

A nonmember (even if this is eric) comment about my post Church News: August 2011 regarding the "buying of properties from diff. churches of the INC", black (mine), red (his comment), here it is:

To Readme,

It seems that you really are living in a third world country, that by just seeing buying of church properties already overwhelmed you, actually, ITS NORMAL FOR CHURCHES ABROAD especially in the united states that tend to sell their property or church building being closed. here are the reasons.

Yes, we are indeed in a 3rd world country meaning from a poor country, and this church that most members can be considered as poor, ofcourse will be amazed and overwhelmed if we see that our church is EXPANDING, meaning, being in a poor country is not an obstacle for the church to buy many properties that will be used as a house of worship. So what if its NORMAL for churches abroad to sell their properties? WHAT'S THE DEAL?

1. Church members migrate from one place to another for their means of living.

2. Church buildings are "old" enough that it requires more maintenance and renovation.

3. Church members are converted to other religions in which a church dissolves.

4. Church members tend to grow much bigger that the existing building cannot accommodate them anymore.

5. Other reasons like moving to other strategic places that could be a landmark of the said location.

All of what you have mentioned is good, i dont disagree with you, that it only happens to the Catholic and protestant sects and denominations, and did not and WILL not happen to the INC.

1) In the INC, even if the members migrated, the local congregation didnt vanish, its still there.

2) The chapels of us are well maintained even if it is 60 years old and so on. Because it is in the bible that the houses of worship should not let in despair. We value our chapels not like other churches does.

3) Here in the INC, that doesnt happen because the members are truly in their faith.

4) All churches are like that, even the INC, we buy first small ones depends on the number of the brethren, and if becomes bigger, move to another but bigger location, and so on. Until if it become a well establish congregation with 800-1000+ members, the church will then decide about building a house of worship same as the chapels here in the Philippines. The recent house of worship that was dedicated to God by our Executive minister was the local congregation of Los Angeles California.

5) INC doesnt need to do it, it will just be decided to have an extension or another place of worship.

Now, it's NORMAL for a member like you to be extremely happy, BUT for the motive of boasting and comparing your progress with other churches is wrong. its not good to boast of something EVEN YOU GAIN IT ON PERSPIRATION (i hope you got my point).

to be frank, I DON'T WANT TO SAY THAT THE INC IS SO FRUGAL, coz the way i see it, the INC before boast of their "architectural" "identical" modern Gothic designed chapels.,

BUT NOW, there's a big shift to their spending...INC NOW BUYS LEFT-OVER CHAPELS FROM OTHER DENOMINATIONS. Here are the reasons:

Yes, it is normal to feel glad especially when you know that your church is having great achievements, what do you want us to feel? sad? get mad? what? Do i wrote something that made you feel like that? Its like you want to point out that i or us are boastful, am i right? If i post about the achievements and share what i feel about it, is it being boastful? Do i stepped on to someone or something or to a particular religion? DO I?

I want to make it clear, we are not boastful, we are just proud about what the INC have because we do not expect about those progress. If there is someone affected here, why you? Are you jealous?^^

Nowadays, INC buys properties left to right, its not a big deal if those are what you call "left overs", it doesnt matter. Why it bothers you much??

1. Building Philippine-like INC chapels here in the US will be very costly! though there are attempts that they try it in the past(they learned from it).

2. LAND+BUILDING CONSTRUCTION IS FAR VERY EXPENSIVE comparing with just buying an old Church Building.

3. THE MAINTENANCE OF INC's MOST PRECIOUS GOTHIC DESIGNED CHAPEL IS VERY COSTLY TOO compared of old church buildings that they acquired from other denominations.

4. There are so many permits, documents and including different city rules and policies which gives more headache in building new churches. in short IT COST ALSO VERY MUCH.

No. 1 is wrong, i agree that building chapels like the chapels here in the Phil. is very costly, so much! The Central Temple with seating capacity of 7,000 is estimated about 2million dollars while the Los Angeles local congregation with seating capacity of i think about 800, cost almost 8million dollars, whoah! FYI: the INC continuous to build houses of worship just like chapels in the Phil. do i need again to say the requirements? The members should be i think 800-1000+ and so on for them to have it. See your ignorance?

2) Yes i agree with you, but i already answered about buying properties of the INC, small ones first because it will become bigger, they need to move again to another bigger venue and so on.

3) Yes, that's right but its not an obstacle for the INC not to repaint, and renovate the chapels. Whether the chapel is small or big, it is maintained because it is our responsibility to do that!

4) It doesnt matter to the INC, even here in the Phil. the chapels are being involved in charges against occupying big lots because there is a required lot measure that the government limits to sole corporations and so on. The INC is registered in many countries for legal purposes, its not a big issue.

The INC do not buy properties just to save money, work out your common sense, why would the INC in the first place build a big chapel if the members are just 20? 50? or 100?

Why do i say this, its because, I'm from First Christian Church of Chesterton that sold you our old building located in 1110 W Porter Ave, Chesterton, INDIANA..the reason?

We are GROWING IN NUMBERS!in fact, we bought a new lot and we are now starting to build a much larger church building accommodating thousands of worshipers located in a MORE STRATEGIC SITE located in southeast corner of routes 6&49.

You say these because youre bitter and jealous to the INC, its clear! Dont need to deny^^ We dont care if your church are growing in number, dont need to mention it, are you just PROMOTING YOUR CHURCH? huh? just a guess^^ Even if your church move to a biggest church building in the world, if the teachings are not of God, do you think you will be SAVED?


Anyway, that's you opinion, I felt you fanaticism that's why you are creating a blog like this, but remember, I CAN PROUDLY SAY TO YOU, JUST LIKE MOST MORMONS SAY TO YOUR CHURCHES, THE INC USES SURPLUS CHURCH BUILDINGS..

Steve, FCC of Chesterton

Yes, ofcourse, but it is the No.1 reason why churches are closed and sold, what you have said are just some of possible reasons. Im not posting the news about the church to boast, my main purpose is for the NONMEMBERS like you know where our offerings goes because it always been criticized by them. We do not need to promote or boast our progress because it is indeed seen by all people.

No, that's your opinion, it is you who have fanaticism to your church, because you presented your opinions which is not related to what's really happening in the church. I made this blog for others have the TRUTH inside the INC, because there are so many websites and blogs that debunk the INC!

You cant say it to me, because i know even your church i guess once bought a small property from other church. The INC do not purposely buy "surplus" or "left over" church buildings abroad, it was all a START, if the members grow bigger, you will see, the magnificent and beautiful philippine like-house of worship and i will wait to see your face shocked!^^

Top 10 biggest INC chapels (updated)

The infos presented here came from the Pasugo magazines and the internet. Here are the top 10 biggest and magnificent INC chapels, in terms of seating capacity:

Top 1: Central Temple House of worship
located at No. 1 Central Ave. New era, Quezon City
seating capacity: 7,000

Top 2: Tondo House of worship
located at Moriones St. corner Juan Luna St. Tondo, Manila.
seating capacity: 6,000


Top 3: Capitol House of worship
located at commonwealth ave. Quezon City
seating capacity: 3,000

Top 4: Frisco House of worship
located at #433 Del Monte Ave. San Francisco Del monte, Quezon City
seating capacity: 3,000

T0p 5: Cabanatuan House of worship
located in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
seating capacity: 3,000

Top 6: Cebu House of worship
located in General Maxilom Ave. Cebu City
seating capacity: 3,000

Top 7: San Fernando House of worship
located at B. mendoza street San Fernando City Pampanga
seating capacity: 2,500

Top 8: Bago Bantay House of worship
located at #1170 EDSA Muñoz, Quezon City
seating capacity: 2,500 

Top 9: Pasay House of Worship
located in Pasay City
seating capacity: 2,300

Top 10: San Pablo House of Worship
located in San Pablo, Laguna
seating capacity: 2,200

"Mistulang isang kastilyo kung tatanawin mula sa kabilang pampang ng Lawang Sampalok, ang larawan ng kapilya ay natampok na sa ilang International Magazine tulad ng The Asian Magazine dahil na rin sa nanatiling maayos ito at regular ang isinasagawang pangangalaga sa loob at labas ng edipisyo." balitangpabloy.blogspot.com

I hope no one will compare our chapels to theirs, because we are not for any competition, the church build houses of worship for the main purpose of glorifying our Almighty God.

August 5, 2011

Church News: August 2011

This is the Church news special episode for INC's 97th anniversary, after watching the video im very impressed, because im surprised and amazed how the church buy properties left and right continuously abroad! Wow! Here's why:

1st time, i was amazed you know, i do not pretend to be, i just didnt expected that the church can actually gone far like this, SEE IN THE VIDEO?

Funny is it, that most nonmembers criticize our offerings where their chapels are being closed and sold to other, while we, continuously gave wholeheartedly, offerings to the church and the RESULT?

The Church is in phenomenal state of expanding, now on its 97th anniversary, the church has gone to 98 countries and territories around the globe!

Buying properties from Catholic and protestant denominations and sects, that being sold, yeah... WOW! its really amazing, especially if you will think the fact that this church came from a third world country--the Philippines!

Do you think this is just a work of MAN?

“…the Church of Christ in the Philippines has converted millions of people of various nationalities. The phenomenal growth and unchecked progress of evangelization have caught the imagination of many. Her achievements, both spiritual and temporal, are too marvelous to be considered as the work of man.

Zoilo Galang, editor Encyclopedia of the Philippines Vol. XX Manila, Phil. C1958, p. 466

Ofcourse not! It is because of God:

“You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called from its farthest regions, And is said to you, ‘you are my servant, I have chosen you and have not cast you away: Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous hand’.” Isa. 41:9-10


If the INC is only a work of MAN (Bro. Felix Manalo), can you give me any name of a church in the Philippines that is same phenomenal as the INC??? In terms of achievements and expansion? I know some, like El shaddai (movement, but still a catholic) and MCGI (but doesnt have chapels like what the INC have).

INC is undeniably successful, spite of difficulties in these times, you can NEVER hear a news like saying, an INC locale sold out, THERE WILL BE NONE!

The expenses of the church do not came from donations from the government, government officials, rich members and nonmembers, casino and gamblings, and so on.

It came from what you always criticize, from the OFFERINGS OF EVERY CHURCH MEMBER!

And the result of those offerings are clearly seen. The ministers do not hide and corrupt monies, the monies collected do not go only for the "Manalo family", because if that so, there will be no expensive and beautiful chapels here and abroad!

And so there will be new district and will be called South East Asia district.

All for the glory of God, the Father!

The result are already in your nose^^ are you blind?

For more update, watch "Church News" weekly on Net25 and Gemnet TV or hand a copy of PASUGO: God's message published monthly or watch here in
IglesianiCristo1914's youtube channel or visit INC Media Services.

Bible study lessons taught to every church member

Im glad that i found a copy of list of the bible study lessons (sorry if i post this, there's nothing to worry about, its official). Here it is:

1. Sa biblia nakasulat ang mga salita ng Dyos.
(The words of God are written in the Bible)

2. Ang tunay na dyos na dapat kilalanin at sambahin ayon sa inituturo sa biblia ay ang Ama na lumalang ng lahat ng bagay.
(The true god that should be recognize and worship that is from the bible is the Father who created all things.)

3. Hindi totoong pare-parehong sa dyos ang lahat ng mga Iglesia.
(It is not true that all churches belongs to God)

4. Utos ni Cristo na ang sinumang ibig maligtas ay dapat na maging Iglesia ni Cristo.
(It is Christ's commandment that whoever wants to attain salvation should join Christ's Church or the Church of Christ)

5. Ang dahilan kung bakit ang kinagisnan natiy Iglesia Katolika at hindi Iglesia ni Cristo.
(The reason why we grow up with Catholic Church and not the Church of Christ)

6. Ang mga aral ng Dyos na tinalikuran ng Iglesia Katolika.
(The Commandments of god that the Catholic Church turned away)

7. Si Cristo ang nagtayo ng Iglesia ni Cristo sa Pilipinas.
(Christ is the founder of the Church of Christ in the Philippines)

8. Si kapatid na Felix Manalo ang sugo ng dyos sa mga huling araw.
(Bro. Felix Manalo is god's last messenger)

9. Ang dahilan ng pag uusig sa mga Iglesia ni Cristo at ang kapalaran ng maninindigan.
(The reason why the members are persecuted and the fate of whoever will stand in faith)

10. Ang marapat na pag-anib sa Iglesia ni Cristo.
(The proper way of joining the Church of Christ)

11. Ang mga katangian ni Kristo at ang kanyang tunay na kalikasan.
(True nature of Christ)

12. Ang pagkakaiba ng Dyos at ni Kristo at ang mga patotoo ng biblia na hindi si kristo ang tunay na dyos.
(Distinctions of God and Christ, and the proofs in the bible that Christ is not the "true god")

13. Mga maling paggamit at mga maling salin ng talata ng biblia ang batayan ng mga nagtuturong si Cristo ang tunay na dyos.
(Wrong usage and wrong translation of verses in the bible is the basis of those who preach that Christ is God)

14. Pananagutan ng mga kaanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo ang pagbabagong buhay.
(Church members are responsible to have a renewed life)

15. Pananagutan sa Dyos ng mga Iglesia ni Cristo ang pagdalo sa bawat araw ng pagsamba sa Iglesia.
(It is a responsibility of every church member to God to attend in worship services to the church)

16. Ang Dyos ang may utos ng pag-aabuloy, pagpapasalamat at paghahandog.
(Offerings and thanksgiving are commandments of God)

17. Utos ng Dyos ang pag-iibigang magkakapatid.
(Love one another is God's command)

18. Ang Dyos ang nagbabawal ng pagkain ng dugo at ng pag-aasawa sa hindi kapananampalataya.
(Prohibition of eating of blood and interfaith marriage are God's commandments)

19. Dapat pabautismo upang maging alagad ni Cristo.
(One should be baptized to be a disciple of Christ)

20. Dapat magmisyon ang bawat isang Iglesia ni Cristo at matuto ng pananalangin.
(Every church member should do missionary works and should learn how to pray)

21. Dapat na nakatala ang bawat isang Iglesia ni Cristo at nasasakop ng Pamamahala.

22. Aral ng Dyos ang pagkakaisa ng Iglesia ni Cristo.
(Unity in the church is God's command)

23. Sa araw ng paghuhukom magaganap ang pagkabuhay na mag uli ng mga patay at ang pagmamana ng mga Iglesia ni Cristo.
(In the day of Judgment will happen about the resurrection of the dead and the inheritance of the members to God's promises)

24. Dapat magdaan sa pagsubok upang malaman kung talagang tunay at tapat ang pananampalataya.
(One should experience trials/tests to know if they have a real and true faith)

25. Mga pangkalahatang tagubilin
(overall instructions)

And in the paper form, below this is written:

Pinatutunayan ko na aking lubos na nauunawaan at buong pusong sinasampalatayanan at susundin ang lahat ng mga aral ng Dyos na aking narinig sa panahon ng pagdodoktrina.
(I certify that i really understand and wholeheartedly accept/have faith with and will obey all commandments of God that i heard in the time of bible studies)

With the signature of the Bible student, meaning he/she AGREES with the statement above.

So, if youre interested knowing more about such things, dont hesitate to come in the locale nearest you, i know many may misunderstand the above lessons that's why it is important that you can attend bible studies in our locales.
And to the brethren, this will be a reminder for us about the lessons being taught to us, and before we get baptized, we signed the statement saying that we really understand and accept and will obey the commandments of God, in addition to that, we also recited a promise in the time of instruction of the minister to the candidates just before baptism, and we promised it to GOD, not to the "Manalo" and even to church...

Here it is:

District of _____________


I,___________________________________residing at _____________________________________declare the following:

That I voluntarily accept membership in the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) motivated by faith and a pure conscience and no other purpose but to love our Lord God, our Lord Jesus Christ, and His Holy Church;

That I was taught and understand fully all the fundamental doctrines of the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ); That I faithfully received all these doctrines without any doubt whatsoever; That being a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ),

I promise with all sincerity that I will submit myself to all these doctrines and discipline of the Church, and that I will fulfill all my duties and obligations; That I will accept any disciplinary action taken against me if I will be found guilty of transgressing any of these doctrines.


In view of this, I affixed my signature on the _____(date) of ________ (month), in the year ______ in the locale of _________________________.

Member's Signature: ___________________________

_________________________ _____________________

source: incworld.faithweb.com

If you want to join the Church of Christ, there is a process, this church is not an easy-to-join church, first you should be doctrinated with 25 lessons, abroad, i think it is 28 lessons. After that, you will be in a probationary period, where you need to attend worship services a number of times required for you to be a candidate for baptism. There is also called first screening, after you finished the bible study lessons and last screening after you finished the probationary period (It was an oral exam if you really understand the lessons taught).

After you get baptized, that is just the BEGINNING of your new life and youre expected to follow all what you have learned, being a member i think is the most difficult time of your life, its all a sacrifice, because even in the time of Christ, his disciples are not do-what-you-want system. It is FOLLOWING god's commandments, so if youre a true christian, you should walk into it, and you do not have the thinking of "i am like a prisoner, i dont have freedom to do what i like".

If that's your view in life, then dont expect salvation from God, think always about YOUR PURPOSE here on earth, or why humans are CREATED FOR!